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It hasn’t always been easy. there have been ups and downs, fights and drunken makeups and we may not really talk to each other, but I’m so proud of every member of my family in @dphietemple. I honestly didn’t know what I’d gotten myself into when Founding this chapter, but it wouldn’t have been anywhere close to the amazing experience without my family: my brilliant and brave little @pidgey11, my classy, always fabulous and insipring grandlittle @ginabelllle, my stunning, encouraging and beautiful greatgrandlittles @ldab93, @meggels19 and @teenzgurl, my artistically talented greatgreatgrandlittle @aubrey_lynch and my fun, fierce and feisty greatgreatgreatgreatgrandlittle @rebeccapressman. Even though we don’t talk often, it’s so important to me that each member of my family knows how much I care for them and how insanely proud I am of each and every one of them every day. #Pardenfamily #dphietemple #deltanu #fiveyearsstrong #fiveyeargala #countdowntogala #proudfounder #bestfamily #mostproud

Happy #Earth #Day!! Take some time to walk through nature today; stop to #smell a #flower, #hug a #tree or just appreciate the #sun warming your face. We live on a #beautiful, #resourceful and #abundant #planet that needs to be #loved and #nourished, not poked, prodded and sucked dry of every #naturalbeauty it possesses. Smartphones, #instagram and air conditioning are all great #luxuries but there’s nothing like feeling the #grass ticking your toes or hearing the #birds fly #free and far. Technology will advance, medicine will improve and people will continue to invent fun new things for us but it’s the Earth that will really always be there to support us. Lets #support it back. Love the Earth, don’t abuse it. (at Happy Earth Day)

"You have the most amazing opportunity to be exactly who you are and there ain’t no one else like you." We spend so much time trying to fit into an idea of what we "should be" instead of embracing and loving ourselves the way we truly are, little quirks and all.

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